Financial planning strategy sessionWhy Become a Financial Advisor Partner at CSI?

CSI Financial Group is transforming the way insurance agents and financial advisors are supported. Our Advisor Partner Network sets us apart from every other IMO in the country. We harness the strengths of independent estate and financial planning professionals and connect them with leading-edge innovation and proprietary technology. Advisors focus on their clients and their needs, while we provide the education, processes, marketing, and support needed to deliver outstanding client-centric solutions. Click below to schedule a meeting with our team of advisors at CSI today.

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Grow Your Business. Leverage Sales. Retain Clients.

It all begins and ends with client acquisition. Here are three things that will grow your business as a financial advisor, insurance agent, or financial professional:

  1. We've created the Advisor Partner Platform and over the past 6 months, and have been testing new marketing techniques. Since including these techniques into the marketing mix for Advisor Partners, a marked improvement in their ability to learn about prospective clients. With CSI, Advisor Partners gain greater access to the client’s “hidden” wealth, gain a new revenue stream, increase leads as advisors, and ultimately increase sales volume has become overwhelmingly successful.
  2. We’ve developed a system to generate leads by providing a service to charitable organizations. Discussing the details is lengthy, so we’re happy to share this information when you reach out to our office or schedule a consultation with us.

  3. Our Proprietary Concept Library provides information for advisors and fosters collaboration with our strategic partners using our team approach. The concept is to merge advisors and consumers with mutually beneficial solutions for estate planning, positioning the end-user to be in complete control of their financial affairs. 

Product is NOT the unmet need in our industry, so most importantly, our platform at CSI Financial Group is designed to differentiate our Advisor Partners and advisor offerings from their competition in the marketplace. Ready to grow your practice, utilize proven financial advisor strategies, and generate more leads as a financial professional? Click below to learn more.

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Proven Strategies to Grow Your Financial Practice 

Proven financial strategies will help you attract new clients, cement your existing clients, and leverage industry technology to your benefit. Our financial strategies at CSI include:

  • Estate PlanningClient Acquisition and Marketing for Financial Advisors
  • Income Planning
  • Asset Preservation
  • Tax Mitigation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Business Planning
  • QPRt
  • CRT

CSI supports financial advisors, insurance agents, and other financial professionals with these time-tested financial solutions for clients:

  • Field-Tested Turn-Key Client Acquisition
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • AnnuitiesProven Strategies to Grow Your Financial Practice
  • Tax Planning, Preparation & Bookkeeping
  • Legal Documentation for Estate Planning
  • Website Development
  • Point-of-Sale Support
  • Advanced Case Design
    • Income Planning
    • Tax-free Income
    • Risk Management 

Invest in your financial future with CSI Financial Group