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If you’re concerned about your family’s future, preserving your assets or estate, or simply making sure that your healthcare planning is complete, our team at CSI can help. CSI Financial Group is committed to helping you find financial stability and financial freedom for your future. Whether you’re looking to connect with a financial advisor, get your financial questions answered, or learn about protecting your family business and assets, we can help you! We have the solutions to help you keep control of your finances, and make a plan for a stress-free retirement. Contact us today and we’ll get started.

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What the Ballooning National Debt Means to You  

Learn about the growing national debt and unfunded liabilities, and how this massive debt has exploded recently. We share what CSI can do to help remove yourself from that future problem with tax mitigation. Now is the time to divorce the IRS.

7 Reasons to Book a Complimentary Consultation with CSI

Getting Started is Easy

It’s much easier to create a plan to decide who receives property and assets while still living. CSI has a proven path to follow, and dedicated Advisor Partners to take care of you every step of the way. Some very simple planning prevents a wide variety of problems, like an expensive and long probate period, negative family dynamics, and more. With a simple phone call, CSI’s experienced Advisor Partners can get your questions answered and help bring you peace of mind.

Family Trusts for Minor Children

Trusts for minors are usually established by parents or relatives who want to leave property and/or assets to minor children in case of death. A trusted adult is usually named to act in the best interests of the children until they are old enough (18, 21 or 25) to be financially responsible.

Advanced Medical Directives & Healthcare documents

Ask your CSI Advisor Partner about My Life Card Plan. It’s a secure online platform that makes it easy to create and maintain your personal Medical Directives from the comfort of your own home. It includes Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care; Living Wills; Electronic Advanced Medical Directive; HIPPA Medical Privacy Statement; Durable Agent Notices (for Health Care); and Electronic Signature (eSIGN).

Protect a Family Business

There are approximately 28.8 million small businesses in the United States. 19% are family-owned businesses that employ about 60% of the U.S. workforce, and generate about 64% of America’s gross domestic product (GDP). The dynamics and challenges that are faced by family-owned businesses can be structured with the best in mind for all concerned.

Free Educational Workshops

In communities through the United States, many of our Advisor Partners hold free educational workshops about estate and financial planning topics. To learn more about upcoming events in your area, simply fill in the form or give us a call.

Blended Family Dynamics

There are unique challenges for blended families when it comes to addressing estate and financial planning concerns. Let us help you take the guesswork out. We’ll take your special circumstances into consideration and make sure that your plans meet your needs today, and in the future.

Afraid of Outliving Retirement Savings?

Did you know that 82% of seniors are concerned about outliving their money as they get older? It’s the #1 thing that scares elders about retirement. Our CSI Advisor Partners deploy tried and true strategies to help keep you in control of your finances so you can enjoy retirement in peace.

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