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Perception IS Reality

Carter Wilcoxson, Founder and CEO of CSI Financial Group, understands the importance of video.

Your competition is using video, shouldn't you be using it as well?


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CSI Productions is "Your" Video Marketing Resource 

Your customers want to know you and your services.

An article in Forbes magazine by Lisa Montenegro stated, “…when marketers were asked what trends they would be leveraging for the first time in 2022, 29% said short-form video content, and 22% said live streaming video. As more and more people get on board with video, you don’t want to be left behind.

Your competition is using video marketing, isn't it time you are too? We'll step you through the entire production process. We specialize in green-screen talking heads videos and we’re good at it. Broadcast quality gear and a professionally lit green-screen studio gives us outstanding results. We service smaller businesses keeping your bottom line top of mind. Let's tell your story.

As Much or as Little as Your Needs Require

Whether you’re new to video or a seasoned professional, we’ll accommodate whatever level of production you need. We can deliver the RAW footage and you take it from there or we’ll produce the entire project to your specifications. We’ll go over all the steps involved in:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post production

1. Read your script from our teleprompter in front of our properly lit green screen. Do multiple takes so you get it right.

2. We'll work with you to pick a background then color grade your video to match the environment.

3. We'll edit your message and add a graphic title, lower third, corner logo, and close. Animated graphics are an option.

Shoot your own cell phone video and let us handle the post production

Perhaps you've shot your own cell phone video but need a little more help than what's available on your phone's editing software. Maybe you want an animated lower third (name/title). Maybe an animated open and a call to action graphic at the end. Would your widget benefit from an animation explaining how it works? These are all options available with our services. Record your message, supply us with your logo and contact information and we'll produce a marketing video that exceeds what may be capable with your phone. Below is an example of video supplied from a cell phone and what we turned it into with our editing services.


Original cell phone video (4K)


We created a faux depth of filed and added an animated lower third.


Added her company logo and OTS support graphics and the results speak for itself.

Need a bit More?

Need visual support? Our services include award winning graphics and animation. Whether still graphic builds like bullet lists or full blown 2 or 3D animation, we can produce the support material your video needs to add polish and professionalism all tailored to your budget. Help your audience understand complex concepts with graphics and animation. The more senses you can stimulate, the better your audience retains your message. 

CSI Productions | Professional Video Production Studio

Simple & Clean Graphics


Award-winning animator on staff


Complex 3D Animation

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